1.  How does Movilshacks work?

Using Movilshacks is simple!

We've worked hard to make Movilshacks as easy as can be for you. To find out the Movilshacks Value for your item, just follow these steps:

Find your item on www.movilshacks.com .If the item is not on our website, unfortunately we do not accept it. Please do NOT select an item if it does not exactly match your item exactly, we will not be able to offer you anything for it.

Please note: If what you send in does not match the condition you described online, you will be given a revised offer. You'll have the option to decline the new offer during a hold window of 7 days. If you decline the offer we'll send your item back to you and pay for the shipping.

2.  How do I set up an account with Movilshacks?

Having an account with Movilshacks is a convenient and easy

way to track your transactions.

If you are looking to purchase a device in our Certified store, You will begin by searching through the device listings and selecting the item you would like to purchase. Once a device has been selected you will proceed to checkout.

Though you do have the option to check-out as a guest, it is best to register an account.

3.What condition is the item in?

Each listing includes a section that describes the cosmetic and functional condition of the item. We rate the cosmetic condition of the item as "Excellent", "Very Good", "Good", "Fair" or "Poor." The functional condition is "Working", "Defective" or "Broken".

4.    Is my personal information safe with Movilshacks?

Movilshacks never sells or shares any of your personal information.During our inspection process all devices receive a full wipe and factory restore prior to or during inspection and we destroy any SIM or memory cards that our customers forget to take out.

5.  Is there any cost or obligation to use Movilshacks?

There is no cost to having a Movilshacks account or setting up a transaction with us. We pay for shipping, and if we send you a box but you decide to cancel your order, there is no charge!

6.  What are shipping options?


All iPhones all come with free standard shipping. Our shipping options are provided through Airmail and register airmail.

For more information please contact us.


Expedited or any additional shipping option will be subject to pay a fee. Our shipping options are provided through DHL

7.  When will my order ship?

Most of our orders are automatically fulfilled within 2 business days from the date your payment is approved.

8.  What's my tracking number?

Tracking numbers are emailed to the account you set up when you placed the order within 2-3 business days from when your payment is approved.

9.  How do I cancel my order?

Please contact us as soon as you realize you need to cancel as once it is shipped we cannot cancel it for you. Contact Customer Service or email to service@movlishacks.com

10.What do I do if the box was damaged or tampered with on receipt?

First you should check to see if your phone arrived undamaged. Check its functionality to make sure everything works. All shipments are insured. If your handset arrived damaged, you will not be responsible for any damage caused while it was in transit. Please hold the handset and all packaging material, then contact us immediately through email .

11.  What does my warranty not cover?

Water/Liquid damage;

Accidental/Intentional damage caused by for example, dropping the device;

Any damage caused by trying to repair or adapt the device by yourself or a third party;

Damage caused by the use of non genuine accessories;

Any signs of normal wear and tear;

Any device that has been Jailbroken or rooted after sale;

Acceptable battery life depletion.

For more information, please contact us at service@movlishacks.com

12.What payment options are available?

We accept Paypal, Visa

13.  What does refurbished mean?

The products that are purchased are refurbished. This means that the items are used and have been provided and tested or replaced of any defective issues. All items are graded based on cosmetic damage (refurbished, elite premium and clearance) Items are cleaned with environment friendly products.

14.  Is a Movilshacks Unlocked phone compatible with my carrier?

Unlocked devices are not tied to a specific carrier or network; however, not all unlocked devices contain the technology required to work perfectly on all networks.If you intend on purchasing an unlocked device and are unsure whether it will work on your chosen carrier, we strongly recommend you first contact that carrier about the use of the specific model you want to purchase with their service.

All unlocked phones require the use of SIM cards. Movilshacks devices do not include SIM cards. If you already have a compatible SIM, you can insert it into your new device for immediate activation. Otherwise, you will have to source one from your chosen carrier. If you are uncertain what size SIM is compatible with a given device, check the "Specifications" section of the product listing for more information.

15.  Software Problem

If the phone screen is not sensitive to touch, the shooting time is too long, the camera is useless, the buttons are confused, the APP cannot be found, the network cannot be accessed, the fingerprint is useless, the headset has no voice, the Bluetooth is useless, etc?

please restore all settings in Settings - General – Restore.

16.  If the screen of the refurbished Apple phone doesn’t respond.

please hold down the HOME button and the switch button for more than 10 seconds, and the phone will restart automatically.

17.  If there is no signal after the SIM card has been inserted into the phone, please open the flight mode, and then close the flight mode. Otherwise you can restart the phone or reinstall the SIM card. Sometimes the SIM card is incompatible to the phone, please change the SIM card.

18.  When the phone is put under the air conditioner (in low temperature) or in the winter, it will be hard to be charged and easily to lose power.

You need to keep the phone in a normal temperature.

19.  Use your mobile phone battery correctly.

Please use the cell phone battery correctly. Charge the phone for no more than twice a day. The phone must be recharged when it is at or under 10% of the power. It would be better if the phone could be fully charged.

20.  Mobile phone system upgrade

If the system upgrades under the condition that the mobile phone is connected to WIFI or the battery is insufficient, the system may be confused, crashed, and the screen cannot be operated.

You need to download an iTunes in your computer, then tune your phone to Brush mode and click Restore in the menu. The system can be repaired with iTunes.

21.  My phone is connected to a charger but it doesn't charge.

(1) If your phone still has power, you'll need to see if it's connected to a cable that shows a charging symbol. If not, you will need to replace the cable and charger.

(2) When your phone shuts down automatically, it will not display the charging symbol after connecting to the charger. It will display the charging symbol after half an hour of charging, and the phone will be charged normally.

(3) If the charging symbol still not display after connecting the charger for one hour, the battery may be in sleep mode and needs to be reactivated. You can use a 5V, 2A charger to charge your phone for half an hour before turning it on.

22. The data cable does not match the phone.

You need to replace the data cable. 90% of the non-original data lines will have the above phenomenon after the mobile phone system is upgraded, for the non-original data line does not have the chip synchronization upgrade function.

23.  The phone can't be operated, only the voice prompts can be heard in the phone.

You may have turned on the blind mode, you need to press the HOME button for 3 times to exit the blind mode.

24.  I can't hear the other person's voice or the others can't hear me during the call.

You need to find the voice memo in the attachment to record a voice and then play it. If you can play the voice, the microphone and the handset are good. It may be the customer signal problem that causes the phone inaudible. If the recording does not respond, the microphone is faulty. If the recording does not play, it indicates that the handset is faulty.

25.  My phone is not sensitive to brightness.

You need to restart your phone.

26.  The positioning of the mobile phone cannot be used.

You need to open the location service in Settings - Privacy. Please turn on the compass if the gyroscope can turn to recognize the direction. It indicates that positioning is available.



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