Shipping Guide


Usually will be shipped in 48 hours.

Shipping Cost

You can see more of your order details and delivery information in your account at You should firstly register an account at the website. If products were marked as "free shipping", then you will not need to pay any shipping costs. For products without "free shipping", you need to use the online system to generate a shipping fee for your order. Please put the total number of items in your shopping cart and then click the Check Out page, finally you can find shipping fees for different shipping services.

For further assistances please contact us through

Change Delivery Address & Cancel Order

Please contact us as soon as you realize you need to change the delivery address or cancel order as once it is shipped we cannot change the address. Contact Customer Service ( or email to Now!

What shipping methods do you offer and what is the estimated delivery date? Where can I check the shipping status of my order?

Air mail and Air mail with tracking number:

Delivery time: 10-30 working days

You can track on:  //


Delivery time: 6-10 working days  

You can track on:  //


Delivery time: 3-8 working days

You can track on:  //


Delivery timer: 3-7 working days

You can track on:  //


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